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Running Other Database Statements

There might be cases in which you need to access the connection object directly, as provided by the PHP database extension. Some of these extensions may offer features that are not surfaced by methods of Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract.

For example, all SQL statements run by Zend_Db are prepared, then executed. However, some database features are incompatible with prepared statements. DDL statements like CREATE and ALTER cannot be prepared in MySQL. Also, SQL statements don't benefit from the MySQL Query Cache, prior to MySQL 5.1.17.

Most PHP database extensions provide a method to execute SQL statements without preparing them. For example, in PDO, this method is exec(). You can access the connection object in the PHP extension directly using getConnection().

Example 219. Running a Non-Prepared Statement in a PDO Adapter

$db->getConnection()->exec('DROP TABLE bugs');

Similarly, you can access other methods or properties that are specific to PHP database extensions. Be aware, though, that by doing this you might constrain your application to the interface provided by the extension for a specific brand of RDBMS.

In future versions of Zend_Db, there will be opportunities to add method entry points for functionality that is common to the supported PHP database extensions. This will not affect backward compatibility.

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