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Updating Rows in a Table

You can update rows in a database table using the update() method of a Table class. This method takes two arguments: an associative array of columns to change and new values to assign to these columns; and an SQL expression that is used in a WHERE clause, as criteria for the rows to change in the UPDATE operation.

Example 281. Example of updating rows in a Table

= new Bugs();

$data = array(
'updated_on'      => '2007-03-23',
'bug_status'      => 'FIXED'

$where $table->getAdapter()->quoteInto('bug_id = ?'1234);


Since the table update() method proxies to the database adapter update() method, the second argument can be an array of SQL expressions. The expressions are combined as Boolean terms using an AND operator.


The values and identifiers in the SQL expression are not quoted for you. If you have values or identifiers that require quoting, you are responsible for doing this. Use the quote(), quoteInto(), and quoteIdentifier() methods of the database adapter.

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