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Consuming a Single Atom Entry

Single Atom <entry> elements are also valid by themselves. Usually the URL for an entry is the feed's URL followed by /<entryId>, such as, using the example URL we used above.

If you read a single entry, you will still have a Zend_Feed_Atom object, but it will automatically create an "anonymous" feed to contain the entry.

Example 394. Reading a Single-Entry Atom Feed

= new Zend_Feed_Atom('');
'The feed has: ' $feed->count() . ' entry.';

$entry $feed->current();

Alternatively, you could instantiate the entry object directly if you know you are accessing an <entry>-only document:

Example 395. Using the Entry Object Directly for a Single-Entry Atom Feed

= new Zend_Feed_Entry_Atom('');

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