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Filters for Zend_File_Transfer

Zend_File_Transfer is delivered with several file related filters which can be used to automate several tasks which are often done on files. Note that file filters are applied after validation. Also file filters behave slightly different that other filters. They will always return the file name and not the changed content (which would be a bad idea when working on 1GB files). All filters which are provided with Zend_File_Transfer can be found in the Zend_Filter component and are named Zend_Filter_File_*. The following filters are actually available:

  • Decrypt: This filter can decrypt a encrypted file.

  • Encrypt: This filter can encrypt a file.

  • LowerCase: This filter can lowercase the content of a textfile.

  • Rename: This filter can rename files, change the location and even force overwriting of existing files.

  • UpperCase: This filter can uppercase the content of a textfile.

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