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Zend_Filter_Inflector is a general purpose tool for rules-based inflection of strings to a given target.

As an example, you may find you need to transform MixedCase or camelCasedWords into a path; for readability, OS policies, or other reasons, you also need to lower case this, and you want to separate the words using a dash ('-'). An inflector can do this for you.

Zend_Filter_Inflector implements Zend_Filter_Interface; you perform inflection by calling filter() on the object instance.

Example 438. Transforming MixedCase and camelCaseText to another format

= new Zend_Filter_Inflector('pages/:page.:suffix');
':page'  => array('Word_CamelCaseToDash''StringToLower'),
'suffix' => 'html'

$string   'camelCasedWords';
$filtered $inflector->filter(array('page' => $string));
// pages/camel-cased-words.html

$string   'this_is_not_camel_cased';
$filtered $inflector->filter(array('page' => $string));
// pages/this_is_not_camel_cased.html

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