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An inflector requires a target and one or more rules. A target is basically a string that defines placeholders for variables you wish to substitute. These are specified by prefixing with a ':': :script.

When calling filter(), you then pass in an array of key and value pairs corresponding to the variables in the target.

Each variable in the target can have zero or more rules associated with them. Rules may be either static or refer to a Zend_Filter class. Static rules will replace with the text provided. Otherwise, a class matching the rule provided will be used to inflect the text. Classes are typically specified using a short name indicating the filter name stripped of any common prefix.

As an example, you can use any Zend_Filter concrete implementations; however, instead of referring to them as 'Zend_Filter_Alpha' or 'Zend_Filter_StringToLower', you'd specify only 'Alpha' or 'StringToLower'.

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