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Setting Paths To Alternate Filters

Zend_Filter_Inflector uses Zend_Loader_PluginLoader to manage loading filters to use with inflection. By default, any filter prefixed with Zend_Filter will be available. To access filters with that prefix but which occur deeper in the hierarchy, such as the various Word filters, simply strip off the Zend_Filter prefix:

// use Zend_Filter_Word_CamelCaseToDash as a rule
$inflector->addRules(array('script' => 'Word_CamelCaseToDash'));

To set alternate paths, Zend_Filter_Inflector has a utility method that proxies to the plugin loader, addFilterPrefixPath():


Alternatively, you can retrieve the plugin loader from the inflector, and interact with it directly:


For more options on modifying the paths to filters, please see the PluginLoader documentation.

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