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This filter changes a given input to be a BOOLEAN value. This is often useful when working with databases or when processing form values.

Supported options for Zend_Filter_Boolean

The following options are supported for Zend_Filter_Boolean:

  • casting: When this option is set to TRUE then any given input will be casted to boolean. This option defaults to TRUE.

  • locale: This option sets the locale which will be used to detect localized input.

  • type: The type option sets the boolean type which should be used. Read the following for details.

Default behaviour for Zend_Filter_Boolean

By default, this filter works by casting the input to a BOOLEAN value; in other words, it operates in a similar fashion to calling (boolean) $value.

= new Zend_Filter_Boolean();
$value  '';
$result $filter->filter($value);
// returns false

This means that without providing any configuration, Zend_Filter_Boolean accepts all input types and returns a BOOLEAN just as you would get by type casting to BOOLEAN.

Changing behaviour for Zend_Filter_Boolean

Sometimes casting with (boolean) will not suffice. Zend_Filter_Boolean allows you to configure specific types to convert, as well as which to omit.

The following types can be handled:

  • boolean: Returns a boolean value as is.

  • integer: Converts an integer 0 value to FALSE.

  • float: Converts a float 0.0 value to FALSE.

  • string: Converts an empty string '' to FALSE.

  • zero: Converts a string containing the single character zero ('0') to FALSE.

  • empty_array: Converts an empty array to FALSE.

  • null: Converts a NULL value to FALSE.

  • php: Converts values according to PHP when casting them to BOOLEAN.

  • false_string: Converts a string containing the word "false" to a boolean FALSE.

  • yes: Converts a localized string which contains the word "no" to FALSE.

  • all: Converts all above types to BOOLEAN.

All other given values will return TRUE by default.

There are several ways to select which of the above types are filtered. You can give one or multiple types and add them, you can give an array, you can use constants, or you can give a textual string. See the following examples:

// converts 0 to false
$filter = new Zend_Filter_Boolean(Zend_Filter_Boolean::INTEGER);

// converts 0 and '0' to false
$filter = new Zend_Filter_Boolean(
Zend_Filter_Boolean::INTEGER Zend_Filter_Boolean::ZERO

// converts 0 and '0' to false
$filter = new Zend_Filter_Boolean(array(
'type' => array(

// converts 0 and '0' to false
$filter = new Zend_Filter_Boolean(array(
'type' => array(

You can also give an instance of Zend_Config to set the desired types. To set types after instantiation, use the setType() method.

Localized booleans

As mentioned previously, Zend_Filter_Boolean can also recognise localized "yes" and "no" strings. This means that you can ask your customer in a form for "yes" or "no" within his native language and Zend_Filter_Boolean will convert the response to the appropriate boolean value.

To set the desired locale, you can either use the locale option, or the method setLocale().

= new Zend_Filter_Boolean(array(
'type'   => Zend_Filter_Boolean::ALL,
'locale' => 'de',

// returns false
echo $filter->filter('nein');


// returns true

Disable casting

Sometimes it is necessary to recognise only TRUE or FALSE and return all other values without changes. Zend_Filter_Boolean allows you to do this by setting the casting option to FALSE.

In this case Zend_Filter_Boolean will work as described in the following table, which shows which values return TRUE or FALSE. All other given values are returned without change when casting is set to FALSE

Table 76. Usage without casting

Type True False
Zend_Filter_Boolean::BOOLEAN TRUE FALSE
Zend_Filter_Boolean::INTEGER 0 1
Zend_Filter_Boolean::FLOAT 0.0 1.0
Zend_Filter_Boolean::STRING ""  
Zend_Filter_Boolean::ZERO "0" "1"
Zend_Filter_Boolean::EMPTY_ARRAY array()  
Zend_Filter_Boolean::NULL NULL  
Zend_Filter_Boolean::FALSE_STRING "false" (case independently) "true" (case independently)
Zend_Filter_Boolean::YES localized "yes" (case independently) localized "no" (case independently)

The following example shows the behaviour when changing the casting option:

= new Zend_Filter_Boolean(array(
'type'    => Zend_Filter_Boolean::ALL,
'casting' => false,

// returns false
echo $filter->filter(0);

// returns true
echo $filter->filter(1);

// returns the value
echo $filter->filter(2);

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