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This filter will change the given input to be NULL if it meets specific criteria. This is often necessary when you work with databases and want to have a NULL value instead of a boolean or any other type.

Supported options for Zend_Filter_Null

The following options are supported for Zend_Filter_Null:

  • type: The variable type which should be supported.

Default behaviour for Zend_Filter_Null

Per default this filter works like PHP's empty() method; in other words, if empty() returns a boolean TRUE, then a NULL value will be returned.

= new Zend_Filter_Null();
$value  '';
$result $filter->filter($value);
// returns null instead of the empty string

This means that without providing any configuration, Zend_Filter_Null will accept all input types and return NULL in the same cases as empty().

Any other value will be returned as is, without any changes.

Changing behaviour for Zend_Filter_Null

Sometimes it's not enough to filter based on empty(). Therefor Zend_Filter_Null allows you to configure which type will be converted and which not.

The following types can be handled:

  • boolean: Converts a boolean FALSE value to NULL.

  • integer: Converts an integer 0 value to NULL.

  • empty_array: Converts an empty array to NULL.

  • string: Converts an empty string '' to NULL.

  • zero: Converts a string containing the single character zero ('0') to NULL.

  • all: Converts all above types to NULL. (This is the default behavior.)

There are several ways to select which of the above types are filtered. You can give one or multiple types and add them, you can give an array, you can use constants, or you can give a textual string. See the following examples:

// converts false to null
$filter = new Zend_Filter_Null(Zend_Filter_Null::BOOLEAN);

// converts false and 0 to null
$filter = new Zend_Filter_Null(
Zend_Filter_Null::BOOLEAN Zend_Filter_Null::INTEGER

// converts false and 0 to null
$filter = new Zend_Filter_Null( array(

// converts false and 0 to null
$filter = new Zend_Filter_Null(array(

You can also give an instance of Zend_Config to set the wished types. To set types afterwards use setType().

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