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Rendering Individual Decorators

Since decorators can target distinct metadata of the element or form they decorate, it's often useful to render one individual decorator at a time. This behavior is possible via method overloading in each major form class type (forms, sub form, display group, element).

To do so, simply call render[DecoratorName](), where "[DecoratorName]" is the "short name" of your decorator; optionally, you can pass in content you want decorated. For example:

// render just the element label decorator:
echo $element->renderLabel();

// render just the display group fieldset, with some content:
echo $group->renderFieldset('fieldset content');

// render just the form HTML tag, with some content:
echo $form->renderHtmlTag('wrap this content');

If the decorator does not exist, an exception is raised.

This can be useful particularly when rendering a form with the ViewScript decorator; each element can use its attached decorators to generate content, but with fine-grained control.

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