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Internationalization of Zend_Form

Increasingly, developers need to tailor their content for multiple languages and regions. Zend_Form aims to make such a task trivial, and leverages functionality in both Zend_Translate and Zend_Validate to do so.

By default, no internationalisation (I18n) is performed. To turn on I18n features in Zend_Form, you will need to instantiate a Zend_Translate object with an appropriate adapter, and attach it to Zend_Form and/or Zend_Validate. See the Zend_Translate documentation for more information on creating the translate object and translation files

Translation Can Be Turned Off Per Item

You can disable translation for any form, element, display group, or sub form by calling its setDisableTranslator($flag) method or passing a disableTranslator option to the object. This can be useful when you want to selectively disable translation for individual elements or sets of elements.

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