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Using Google Apps Provisioning

Google Apps is a service which allows domain administrators to offer their users managed access to Google services such as Mail, Calendar, and Docs & Spreadsheets. The Provisioning API offers a programmatic interface to configure this service. Specifically, this API allows administrators the ability to create, retrieve, update, and delete user accounts, nicknames, groups, and email lists.

This library implements version 2.0 of the Provisioning API. Access to your account via the Provisioning API must be manually enabled for each domain using the Google Apps control panel. Only certain account types are able to enable this feature.

For more information on the Google Apps Provisioning API, including instructions for enabling API access, refer to the Provisioning API V2.0 Reference.


The Provisioning API does not support authentication via AuthSub and anonymous access is not permitted. All HTTP connections must be authenticated using ClientAuth authentication.

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