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Sending Notices to the Register Feed

Individual posts to the register feed are known as notices. Notice are sent from third-party applications to inform the user of a new event. With AuthSub/OAuth, notices are the single means by which your application can add new CCR information into a user's profile. Notices can contain plain text (including certain XHTML elements), a CCR document, or both. As an example, notices might be sent to remind users to pick up a prescription, or they might contain lab results in the CCR format.

Sending a notice

Notices can be sent by using the sendHealthNotice() method for the Health service:

= new Zend_Gdata_Health($client);

$subject "Title of your notice goes here";
$body "Notice body can contain <b>html</b> entities";
$ccr '<ContinuityOfCareRecord xmlns="urn:astm-org:CCR">
        <Type><Text>Start date</Text></Type>
        <Text>Aortic valve disorders</Text>

$responseEntry $healthService->sendHealthNotice($subject,

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