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Google Data APIs provide programmatic interface to some of Google's online services. The Google data Protocol is based upon the Atom Publishing Protocol and allows client applications to retrieve data matching queries, post data, update data and delete data using standard HTTP and the Atom syndication formation. The Zend_Gdata component is a PHP 5 interface for accessing Google Data from PHP. The Zend_Gdata component also supports accessing other services implementing the Atom Publishing Protocol.

See for more information about Google Data API.

The services that are accessible by Zend_Gdata include the following:

  • Google Calendar is a popular online calendar application.

  • Google Spreadsheets provides an online collaborative spreadsheets tool which can be used as a simple data store for your applications.

  • Google Documents List provides an online list of all spreadsheets, word processing documents, and presentations stored in a Google account.

  • Google Provisioning provides the ability to create, retrieve, update, and delete user accounts, nicknames, groups, and email lists on a Google Apps hosted domain.

  • YouTube provides the ability to search and retrieve videos, comments, favorites, subscriptions, user profiles and more.

  • Picasa Web Albums provides an online photo sharing application.

  • Google Analytics is a visitor statistics application.

  • Google Blogger is a popular Internet provider of "push-button publishing" and syndication.

  • Google CodeSearch allows you to search public source code from many projects.

  • Google Notebook allows you to view public Notebook content.

Unsupported services

Zend_Gdata does not provide an interface to any other Google service, such as Search, Gmail, Translation, or Maps. Only services that support the Google Data API are supported.

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