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Zend_Http_Cookie, as expected, is a class that represents an HTTP cookie. It provides methods for parsing HTTP response strings, collecting cookies, and easily accessing their properties. It also allows checking if a cookie matches against a specific scenario, IE a request URL, expiration time, secure connection, etc.

Zend_Http_CookieJar is an object usually used by Zend_Http_Client to hold a set of Zend_Http_Cookie objects. The idea is that if a Zend_Http_CookieJar object is attached to a Zend_Http_Client object, all cookies going from and into the client through HTTP requests and responses will be stored by the CookieJar object. Then, when the client will send another request, it will first ask the CookieJar object for all cookies matching the request. These will be added to the request headers automatically. This is highly useful in cases where you need to maintain a user session over consecutive HTTP requests, automatically sending the session ID cookies when required. Additionally, the Zend_Http_CookieJar object can be serialized and stored in $_SESSION when needed.

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