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Attaching Information Cards to existing accounts

It is possible to add support for information cards to an existing authentication system by storing the private personal identifier (PPI) to a previously traditionally-authenticated account and including at least the claim as part of the requiredClaims of the request. If this claim is requested then the Zend_InfoCard_Claims object will provide a unique identifier for the specific card that was submitted by calling the getCardID() method.

An example of how to attach an information card to an existing traditional-authentication account is shown below:

// ...
public function submitinfocardAction()
    if (!isset(
$_REQUEST['xmlToken'])) {
        throw new 
ZBlog_Exception('Expected an encrypted token ' .
'but was not provided');

$infoCard = new Zend_InfoCard();

    try {
$claims $infoCard->process($request['xmlToken']);
    } catch(
Zend_InfoCard_Exception $e) {
// TODO Error processing your request
throw $e;

    if (
$claims->isValid()) {
$db ZBlog_Data::getAdapter();

$ppi $db->quote($claims->getCardID());
$fullname $db->quote("{$claims->givenname} {$claims->surname}");

$query "UPDATE blogusers
                     SET ppi = 
                         real_name = 
                   WHERE username='administrator'"

        try {
        } catch(
Exception $e) {
// TODO Failed to store in DB

    } else {
        throw new
ZBlog_Exception("Infomation card failed security checks");

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