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Zend_Layout Advanced Usage

Zend_Layout has a number of use cases for the advanced developer who wishes to adapt it for different view implementations, file system layouts, and more.

The major points of extension are:

  • Custom view objects. Zend_Layout allows you to utilize any class that implements Zend_View_Interface.

  • Custom front controller plugins. Zend_Layout ships with a standard front controller plugin that automates rendering of layouts prior to returning the response. You can substitute your own plugin.

  • Custom action helpers. Zend_Layout ships with a standard action helper that should be suitable for most needs as it is a dumb proxy to the layout object itself.

  • Custom layout script path resolution. Zend_Layout allows you to use your own inflector for layout script path resolution, or simply to modify the attached inflector to specify your own inflection rules.

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