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Zend_Layout Configuration Options

Zend_Layout has a variety of configuration options. These may be set by calling the appropriate accessors, passing an array or Zend_Config object to the constructor or startMvc(), passing an array of options to setOptions(), or passing a Zend_Config object to setConfig().

  • layout: the layout to use. Uses the current inflector to resolve the name provided to the appropriate layout view script. By default, this value is 'layout' and resolves to 'layout.phtml'. Accessors are setLayout() and getLayout().

  • layoutPath: the base path to layout view scripts. Accessors are setLayoutPath() and getLayoutPath().

  • contentKey: the layout variable used for default content (when used with the MVC). Default value is 'content'. Accessors are setContentKey() and getContentKey().

  • mvcSuccessfulActionOnly: when using the MVC, if an action throws an exception and this flag is TRUE, the layout will not be rendered (this is to prevent double-rendering of the layout when the ErrorHandler plugin is in use). By default, the flat is TRUE. Accessors are setMvcSuccessfulActionOnly() and getMvcSuccessfulActionOnly().

  • view: the view object to use when rendering. When used with the MVC, Zend_Layout will attempt to use the view object registered with the ViewRenderer if no view object has been passed to it explicitly. Accessors are setView() and getView().

  • helperClass: the action helper class to use when using Zend_Layout with the MVC components. By default, this is Zend_Layout_Controller_Action_Helper_Layout. Accessors are setHelperClass() and getHelperClass().

  • pluginClass: the front controller plugin class to use when using Zend_Layout with the MVC components. By default, this is Zend_Layout_Controller_Plugin_Layout. Accessors are setPluginClass() and getPluginClass().

  • inflector: the inflector to use when resolving layout names to layout view script paths; see the Zend_Layout inflector documentation for more details. Accessors are setInflector() and getInflector().

helperClass and pluginClass must be passed to startMvc()

In order for the helperClass and pluginClass settings to have effect, they must be passed in as options to startMvc(); if set later, they have no affect.

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