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Deserialize a LDIF string into a LDAP entry

"dn:: dWlkPXJvZ2FzYXdhcmEsb3U95Za25qWt6YOoLG89QWlyaXVz
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
uid: rogasawara
givenname;lang-ja:: 44Ot44OJ44OL44O8
sn;lang-ja:: 5bCP56yg5Y6f
cn;lang-ja:: 5bCP56yg5Y6fIOODreODieODi+ODvA==
title;lang-ja:: 5Za25qWt6YOoIOmDqOmVtw==
preferredlanguage: ja
givenname:: 44Ot44OJ44OL44O8
sn:: 5bCP56yg5Y6f
cn:: 5bCP56yg5Y6fIOODreODieODi+ODvA==
title:: 5Za25qWt6YOoIOmDqOmVtw==
givenname;lang-ja;phonetic:: 44KN44Gp44Gr44O8
sn;lang-ja;phonetic:: 44GK44GM44GV44KP44KJ
cn;lang-ja;phonetic:: 44GK44GM44GV44KP44KJIOOCjeOBqeOBq+ODvA==
title;lang-ja;phonetic:: 44GI44GE44GO44KH44GG44G2IOOBtuOBoeOCh+OBhg==
givenname;lang-en: Rodney
sn;lang-en: Ogasawara
cn;lang-en: Rodney Ogasawara
title;lang-en: Sales, Director"
$data Zend_Ldap_Ldif_Encoder::decode($ldif);
$data = array(
    'dn'                         => 'uid=rogasawara,ou=営業部,o=Airius',
    'objectclass'                => array('top',
    'uid'                        => array('rogasawara'),
    'mail'                       => array(''),
    'givenname;lang-ja'          => array('ロドニー'),
    'sn;lang-ja'                 => array('小笠原'),
    'cn;lang-ja'                 => array('小笠原 ロドニー'),
    'title;lang-ja'              => array('営業部 部長'),
    'preferredlanguage'          => array('ja'),
    'givenname'                  => array('ロドニー'),
    'sn'                         => array('小笠原'),
    'cn'                         => array('小笠原 ロドニー'),
    'title'                      => array('営業部 部長'),
    'givenname;lang-ja;phonetic' => array('ろどにー'),
    'sn;lang-ja;phonetic'        => array('おがさわら'),
    'cn;lang-ja;phonetic'        => array('おがさわら ろどにー'),
    'title;lang-ja;phonetic'     => array('えいぎょうぶ ぶちょう'),
    'givenname;lang-en'          => array('Rodney'),
    'sn;lang-en'                 => array('Ogasawara'),
    'cn;lang-en'                 => array('Rodney Ogasawara'),
    'title;lang-en'              => array('Sales, Director'),

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