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Normalization and Localization

Zend_Locale_Format is an internal component used by Zend_Locale. All locale aware classes use Zend_Locale_Format for normalization and localization of numbers and dates. Normalization involves parsing input from a variety of data representations, like dates, into a standardized, structured representation, such as a PHP array with year, month, and day elements.

The exact same string containing a number or a date might mean different things to people with different customs and conventions. Disambiguation of numbers and dates requires rules about how to interpret these strings and normalize the values into a standardized data structure. Thus, all methods in Zend_Locale_Format require a locale in order to parse the input data.

Default "root" Locale

If no locale is specified, then normalization and localization will use the standard "root" locale, which might yield unexpected behavior, if the input originated in a different locale, or output for a specific locale was expected.

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