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Zend_Log is a component for general purpose logging. It supports multiple log backends, formatting messages sent to the log, and filtering messages from being logged. These functions are divided into the following objects:

  • A Log (instance of Zend_Log) is the object that your application uses the most. You can have as many Log objects as you like; they do not interact. A Log object must contain at least one Writer, and can optionally contain one or more Filters.

  • A Writer (inherits from Zend_Log_Writer_Abstract) is responsible for saving data to storage.

  • A Filter (implements Zend_Log_Filter_Interface) blocks log data from being saved. A filter may be applied to an individual Writer, or to a Log where it is applied before all Writers. In either case, filters may be chained.

  • A Formatter (implements Zend_Log_Formatter_Interface) can format the log data before it is written by a Writer. Each Writer has exactly one Formatter.

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