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Using Built-in Priorities

The Zend_Log class defines the following priorities:

0;  // Emergency: system is unusable
ALERT   1;  // Alert: action must be taken immediately
CRIT    2;  // Critical: critical conditions
ERR     3;  // Error: error conditions
WARN    4;  // Warning: warning conditions
NOTICE  5;  // Notice: normal but significant condition
INFO    6;  // Informational: informational messages
DEBUG   7;  // Debug: debug messages

These priorities are always available, and a convenience method of the same name is available for each one.

The priorities are not arbitrary. They come from the BSD syslog protocol, which is described in RFC-3164. The names and corresponding priority numbers are also compatible with another PHP logging system, PEAR Log, which perhaps promotes interoperability between it and Zend_Log.

Priority numbers descend in order of importance. EMERG (0) is the most important priority. DEBUG (7) is the least important priority of the built-in priorities. You may define priorities of lower importance than DEBUG. When selecting the priority for your log message, be aware of this priority hierarchy and choose appropriately.

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