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Writing to Firebug

Zend_Log_Writer_Firebug sends log data to the Firebug Console.

All data is sent via the Zend_Wildfire_Channel_HttpHeaders component which uses HTTP headers to ensure the page content is not disturbed. Debugging AJAX requests that require clean JSON and XML responses is possible with this approach.


Example 588. Logging with Zend_Controller_Front

// Place this in your bootstrap file before dispatching your front controller
$writer = new Zend_Log_Writer_Firebug();
$logger = new Zend_Log($writer);

// Use this in your model, view and controller files
$logger->log('This is a log message!'Zend_Log::INFO);

Example 589. Logging without Zend_Controller_Front

= new Zend_Log_Writer_Firebug();
$logger = new Zend_Log($writer);

$request = new Zend_Controller_Request_Http();
$response = new Zend_Controller_Response_Http();
$channel Zend_Wildfire_Channel_HttpHeaders::getInstance();

// Start output buffering

// Now you can make calls to the logger

$logger->log('This is a log message!'Zend_Log::INFO);

// Flush log data to browser

Setting Styles for Priorities

Built-in and user-defined priorities can be styled with the setPriorityStyle() method.

$logger->foo('Foo Message');

The default style for user-defined priorities can be set with the setDefaultPriorityStyle() method.


The supported styles are as follows:

Table 114. Firebug Logging Styles

Style Description
LOG Displays a plain log message
INFO Displays an info log message
WARN Displays a warning log message
ERROR Displays an error log message that increments Firebug's error count
TRACE Displays a log message with an expandable stack trace
EXCEPTION Displays an error long message with an expandable stack trace
TABLE Displays a log message with an expandable table

Preparing data for Logging

While any PHP variable can be logged with the built-in priorities, some special formatting is required if using some of the more specialized log styles.

The LOG, INFO, WARN, ERROR and TRACE styles require no special formatting.

Exception Logging

To log a Zend_Exception simply pass the exception object to the logger. It does not matter which priority or style you have set as the exception is automatically recognized.

= new Zend_Exception('Test exception');

Table Logging

You can also log data and format it in a table style. Columns are automatically recognized and the first row of data automatically becomes the header.


$table = array('Summary line for the table',
'Column 1''Column 2'),
'Row 1 c 1',' Row 1 c 2'),
'Row 2 c 1',' Row 2 c 2')

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