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List of markups

Table 118. List of markups

Sample input (bbcode) Sample output
[b]foo[/b] <strong>foo</strong>
[i]foo[/i] <em>foo</em>
[cite]foo[/cite] <cite>foo</cite>
[del]foo[/del] <del>foo</del>
[ins]foo[/ins] <ins>foo</ins>
[sup]foo[/sup] <sup>foo</sup>
[sub]foo[/sub] <sub>foo</sub>
[span]foo[/span] <span>foo</span>
[acronym title="PHP Hypertext Preprocessor]PHP[/acronym] <acronym title="PHP Hypertext Preprocessor">PHP</acronym>
[url=]Zend Framework[/url] <a href="">Zend Framework</a>
[h1]foobar[/h1] <h1>foobar</h1>
[img][/img] <img src="" />

Zend Framework