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Hints for Zend_Measure_Binary

Some popular binary conventions, include terms like kilo-, mega-, giga, etc. in normal language use imply base 10, such as 1000 or 10³. However, in the binary format for computers these terms have to be seen for a conversion factor of 1024 instead of 1000. To preclude confusions a few years ago the notation BI was introduced. Instead of kilobyte, kibibyte for kilo-binary-byte should be used.

In the class BINARY both notations can be found, such as KILOBYTE = 1024 - binary conputer conversion KIBIBYTE = 1024 - new notation KILO_BINARY_BYTE = 1024 - new, or the notation, long format KILOBYTE_SI = 1000 - SI notation for kilo (1000). DVDs for example are marked with the SI-notation, but almost all harddisks are marked in computer binary notation.

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