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Removing pages

Removing pages can be done with removePage() or removePages(). The first method accepts a an instance of a page, or an integer. The integer corresponds to the order a page has. The latter method will remove all pages in the container.

Example 636. Removing pages from a container

= new Zend_Navigation(array(
'label'  => 'Page 1',
'action' => 'page1'
'label'  => 'Page 2',
'action' => 'page2',
'order'  => 200
'label'  => 'Page 3',
'action' => 'page3'

// remove page by implicit page order
$container->removePage(0);      // removes Page 1

// remove page by instance
$page3 $container->findOneByAction('page3');
$container->removePage($page3); // removes Page 3

// remove page by explicit page order
$container->removePage(200);    // removes Page 2

// remove all pages
$container->removePages();      // removes all pages

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