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Anything Else?

Building OpenID providers is much less common than building OpenID-enabled sites, so this manual doesn't cover all Zend_OpenId_Provider features exhaustively, as was done for Zend_OpenId_Consumer.

To summamize, Zend_OpenId_Provider contains:

  • A set of methods to build an end-user GUI that allows users to register and manage their trusted sites and profiles

  • An abstract storage layer to store information about users, their sites and their profiles. It also stores associations between the provider and OpenID-enabled sites. This layer is very similar to that of the Zend_OpenId_Consumer class. It also uses file storage by default, but may used with another backend.

  • An abstract user-association layer that may associate a user's web browser with a logged-in identity

The Zend_OpenId_Provider class doesn't attempt to cover all possible features that can be implemented by OpenID servers, e.g. digital certificates, but it can be extended easily using Zend_OpenId_Extensions or by standard object-oriented extension.

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