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Instead of simply jumping to a destination in the document, an annotation or outline item can specify an action for the viewer application to perform, such as launching an application, playing a sound, or changing an annotation's appearance state.

Supported action types

The following action types are recognized while loading PDF document:

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_GoTo - go to a destination in the current document.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_GoToR - go to a destination in another document.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_GoToE - go to a destination in an embedded file.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_Launch - launch an application or open or print a document.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_Thread - begin reading an article thread.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_URI - resolve a URI.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_Sound - play a sound.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_Movie - play a movie.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_Hide - hides or shows one or more annotations on the screen.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_Named - execute an action predefined by the viewer application:

    • NextPage - Go to the next page of the document.

    • PrevPage - Go to the previous page of the document.

    • FirstPage - Go to the first page of the document.

    • LastPage - Go to the last page of the document.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_SubmitForm - send data to a uniform resource locator.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_ResetForm - set fields to their default values.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_ImportData - import field values from a file.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_JavaScript - execute a JavaScript script.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_SetOCGState - set the state of one or more optional content groups.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_Rendition - control the playing of multimedia content (begin, stop, pause, or resume a playing rendition).

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_Trans - update the display of a document, using a transition dictionary.

  • Zend_Pdf_Action_GoTo3DView - set the current view of a 3D annotation.

Only Zend_Pdf_Action_GoTo and Zend_Pdf_Action_URI actions can be created by user now.

GoTo action object can be created using Zend_Pdf_Action_GoTo::create($destination) method, where $destination is a Zend_Pdf_Destination object or a string which can be used to identify named destination.

Zend_Pdf_Action_URI::create($uri[, $isMap]) method has to be used to create a URI action (see API documentation for the details). Optional $isMap parameter is set to FALSE by default.

It also supports the following methods:

Actions chaining

Actions objects can be chained using Zend_Pdf_Action::$next public property.

It's an array of Zend_Pdf_Action objects, which also may have their sub-actions.

Zend_Pdf_Action class supports RecursiveIterator interface, so child actions may be iterated recursively:

= new Zend_Pdf();
$page1 $pdf->newPage(Zend_Pdf_Page::SIZE_A4);
$page2 $pdf->newPage(Zend_Pdf_Page::SIZE_A4);
// Page created, but not included into pages list
$page3 $pdf->newPage(Zend_Pdf_Page::SIZE_A4);

$pdf->pages[] = $page1;
$pdf->pages[] = $page2;

$action1 Zend_Pdf_Action_GoTo::create(
$action2 Zend_Pdf_Action_GoTo::create(
$action3 Zend_Pdf_Action_GoTo::create(
$action4 Zend_Pdf_Action_GoTo::create(

$action2->next[] = $action3;
$action2->next[] = $action4;

$action1->next[] = $action2;

$actionsCount 1// Note! Iteration doesn't include top level action and
                   // walks through children only
$iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(
foreach (
$iterator as $chainedAction) {

// Prints 'Actions in a tree: 4'
printf("Actions in a tree: %d\n"$actionsCount++);

Document Open Action

Special open action may be specify a destination to be displayed or an action to be performed when the document is opened.

Zend_Pdf_Target Zend_Pdf::getOpenAction() method returns current document open action (or NULL if open action is not set).

setOpenAction(Zend_Pdf_Target $openAction = null) method sets document open action or clean it if $openAction is NULL.

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