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Basic Usage of Zend_Progressbar

Zend_ProgressBar is quite easy in its usage. You simply create a new instance of Zend_Progressbar, defining a min- and a max-value, and choose an adapter to output the data. If you want to process a file, you would do something like:

= new Zend_ProgressBar($adapter0$fileSize);

while (!
feof($fp)) {
// Do something



In the first step, an instance of Zend_ProgressBar is created, with a specific adapter, a min-value of 0 and a max-value of the total filesize. Then a file is processed and in every loop the progressbar is updated with the current byte count. At the end of the loop, the progressbar status is set to finished.

You can also call the update() method of Zend_ProgressBar without arguments, which just recalculates ETA and notifies the adapter. This is useful when there is no data update but you want the progressbar to be updated.

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