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Zend_Reflection_Class extends ReflectionClass, and follows its API. It adds one additional method, getDeclaringFile(), which may be used to retrieve the Zend_Reflection_File reflection object for the defining file.

Additionally, the following methods add an additional argument for specifying the reflection class to use when fetching a reflection object:

  • getDeclaringFile($reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_File')

  • getDocblock($reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Docblock')

  • getInterfaces($reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Class')

  • getMethod($reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Method')

  • getMethods($filter = -1, $reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Method')

  • getParentClass($reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Class')

  • getProperty($name, $reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Property')

  • getProperties($filter = -1, $reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Property')

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