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Zend_Reflection_File provides introspection into PHP files. With it, you can introspect the classes, functions, and bare PHP code defined in a file. It defines the following methods:

  • getFileName(): retrieve the filename of the file being reflected.

  • getStartLine(): retrieve the starting line of the file (always "1").

  • getEndLine() retrieve the last line / number of lines in the file.

  • getDocComment($reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Docblock'): retrive the file-level docblock reflection object.

  • getClasses($reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Class'): retrieve an array of reflection objects, one for each class defined in the file.

  • getFunctions($reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Function'): retrieve an array of reflection objects, one for each function defined in the file.

  • getClass($name = null, $reflectionClass = 'Zend_Reflection_Class'): retrieve the reflection object for a single class.

  • getContents(): retrieve the full contents of the file.

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