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Zend_Service_Akismet provides a client for the Akismet API. The Akismet service is used to determine if incoming data is potentially spam. It also exposes methods for submitting data as known spam or as false positives (ham). It was originally intended to help categorize and identify spam for Wordpress, but it can be used for any type of data.

Akismet requires an API key for usage. You can get one by signing up for a account. You do not need to activate a blog. Simply acquiring the account will provide you with the API key.

Akismet requires that all requests contain a URL to the resource for which data is being filtered. Because of Akismet's origins in WordPress, this resource is called the blog URL. This value should be passed as the second argument to the constructor, but may be reset at any time using the setBlogUrl() method, or overridden by specifying a 'blog' key in the various method calls.

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