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Zend_Service_Amazon Classes

The following classes are all returned by Zend_Service_Amazon::itemLookup() and Zend_Service_Amazon::itemSearch():


Zend_Service_Amazon_Item is the class type used to represent an Amazon item returned by the web service. It encompasses all of the items attributes, including title, description, reviews, etc.


string asXML();

Return the original XML for the item


Zend_Service_Amazon_Item has a number of properties directly related to their standard Amazon API counterparts.

Table 138. Zend_Service_Amazon_Item Properties

Name Type Description
ASIN string Amazon Item ID
DetailPageURL string URL to the Items Details Page
SalesRank int Sales Rank for the Item
SmallImage Zend_Service_Amazon_Image Small Image of the Item
MediumImage Zend_Service_Amazon_Image Medium Image of the Item
LargeImage Zend_Service_Amazon_Image Large Image of the Item
Subjects array Item Subjects
Offers Zend_Service_Amazon_OfferSet Offer Summary and Offers for the Item
CustomerReviews array Customer reviews represented as an array of Zend_Service_Amazon_CustomerReview objects
EditorialReviews array Editorial reviews represented as an array of Zend_Service_Amazon_EditorialReview objects
SimilarProducts array Similar Products represented as an array of Zend_Service_Amazon_SimilarProduct objects
Accessories array Accessories for the item represented as an array of Zend_Service_Amazon_Accessories objects
Tracks array An array of track numbers and names for Music CDs and DVDs
ListmaniaLists array Item related Listmania Lists as an array of Zend_Service_Amazon_ListmainList objects
PromotionalTag string Item Promotional Tag

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Zend_Service_Amazon_Image represents a remote Image for a product.


Table 139. Zend_Service_Amazon_Image Properties

Name Type Description
Url Zend_Uri Remote URL for the Image
Height int The Height of the image in pixels
Width int The Width of the image in pixels

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Zend_Service_Amazon_ResultSet objects are returned by Zend_Service_Amazon::itemSearch() and allow you to easily handle the multiple results returned.


Implements the SeekableIterator for easy iteration (e.g. using foreach), as well as direct access to a specific result using seek().

int totalResults();

Returns the total number of results returned by the search

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Each result returned by Zend_Service_Amazon::itemSearch() and Zend_Service_Amazon::itemLookup() contains a Zend_Service_Amazon_OfferSet object through which pricing information for the item can be retrieved.


Table 140. Zend_Service_Amazon_OfferSet Properties

Name Type Description
LowestNewPrice int Lowest Price for the item in "New" condition
LowestNewPriceCurrency string The currency for the LowestNewPrice
LowestOldPrice int Lowest Price for the item in "Used" condition
LowestOldPriceCurrency string The currency for the LowestOldPrice
TotalNew int Total number of "new" condition available for the item
TotalUsed int Total number of "used" condition available for the item
TotalCollectible int Total number of "collectible" condition available for the item
TotalRefurbished int Total number of "refurbished" condition available for the item
Offers array An array of Zend_Service_Amazon_Offer objects.

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Each offer for an item is returned as an Zend_Service_Amazon_Offer object.

Zend_Service_Amazon_Offer Properties

Table 141. Properties

Name Type Description
MerchantId string Merchants Amazon ID
MerchantName string Merchants Amazon Name. Requires setting the ResponseGroup option to OfferFull to retrieve.
GlancePage string URL for a page with a summary of the Merchant
Condition string Condition of the item
OfferListingId string ID of the Offer Listing
Price int Price for the item
CurrencyCode string Currency Code for the price of the item
Availability string Availability of the item
IsEligibleForSuperSaverShipping boolean Whether the item is eligible for Super Saver Shipping or not

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When searching for items, Amazon also returns a list of similar products that the searcher may find to their liking. Each of these is returned as a Zend_Service_Amazon_SimilarProduct object.

Each object contains the information to allow you to make sub-sequent requests to get the full information on the item.


Table 142. Zend_Service_Amazon_SimilarProduct Properties

Name Type Description
ASIN string Products Amazon Unique ID (ASIN)
Title string Products Title

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Accessories for the returned item are represented as Zend_Service_Amazon_Accessories objects


Table 143. Zend_Service_Amazon_Accessories Properties

Name Type Description
ASIN string Products Amazon Unique ID (ASIN)
Title string Products Title

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Each Customer Review is returned as a Zend_Service_Amazon_CustomerReview object.


Table 144. Zend_Service_Amazon_CustomerReview Properties

Name Type Description
Rating string Item Rating
HelpfulVotes string Votes on how helpful the review is
CustomerId string Customer ID
TotalVotes string Total Votes
Date string Date of the Review
Summary string Review Summary
Content string Review Content

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Each items Editorial Reviews are returned as a Zend_Service_Amazon_EditorialReview object


Table 145. Zend_Service_Amazon_EditorialReview Properties

Name Type Description
Source string Source of the Editorial Review
Content string Review Content

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Each results List Mania List items are returned as Zend_Service_Amazon_Listmania objects.


Table 146. Zend_Service_Amazon_Listmania Properties

Name Type Description
ListId string List ID
ListName string List Name

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