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HTTP client

Zend_Service_Delicious uses Zend_Rest_Client for making HTTP requests to the web service. To change which HTTP client Zend_Service_Delicious uses, you need to change the HTTP client of Zend_Rest_Client.

Example 797. Changing the HTTP client of Zend_Rest_Client

= new My_Http_Client();

When you are making more than one request with Zend_Service_Delicious to speed your requests, it's better to configure your HTTP client to keep connections alive.

Example 798. Configuring your HTTP client to keep connections alive

'keepalive' => true


When a Zend_Service_Delicious object is constructed, the SSL transport of Zend_Rest_Client is set to 'ssl' rather than the default of 'ssl2'. This is because has some problems with 'ssl2', such as requests taking a long time to complete (around 2 seconds).

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