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Conference Call allows you to setup and start a phone conference.

The following features are available:

  • Conferences with an immediate start

  • Conferences with a defined start date

  • Recurring conference series

  • Adding, removing, and muting of participants from a conference

  • Templates for conferences

Here is a list of currently implemented API methods:

  • createConference() creates a new conference

  • updateConference() updates an existing conference

  • commitConference() saves the conference, and, if no date is configured, immediately starts the conference

  • removeConference() removes a conference

  • getConferenceList() returns a list of all configured conferences

  • getConferenceStatus() displays information for an existing conference

  • getParticipantStatus() displays status information about a conference participant

  • newParticipant() creates a new participant

  • addParticipant() adds a participant to a conference

  • updateParticipant() updates a participant, usually to mute or redial the participant

  • removeParticipant() removes a participant from a conference

  • getRunningConference() requests the running instance of a planned conference

  • createConferenceTemplate() creates a new conference template

  • getConferenceTemplate() requests an existing conference template

  • updateConferenceTemplate() updates existing conference template details

  • removeConferenceTemplate() removes a conference template

  • getConferenceTemplateList() requests all conference templates of an owner

  • addConferenceTemplateParticipant() adds a conference participant to conference template

  • getConferenceTemplateParticipant() displays details of a participant of a conference template

  • updateConferenceTemplateParticipant() updates participant details within a conference template

  • removeConferenceTemplateParticipant() removes a participant from a conference template

Example 810. Ad-Hoc conference

= new Zend_Service_DeveloperGarden_ConferenceCall($config);

$conferenceDetails =
'Zend-Conference',                    // name for the conference
'this is my private zend conference'// description
60                                    // duration in seconds

$conference $client->createConference('MyName'$conferenceDetails);

$part1 = new Zend_Service_DeveloperGarden_ConferenceCall_ParticipantDetail(

$client->newParticipant($conference->getConferenceId(), $part1);
// add a second, third ... participant


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