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Introduction to DeveloperGarden

Developer Garden is the name of Deutsche Telekom's developer community. Developer Garden offers you access to core services of Deutsche Telekom, such as voice connections (Voice Call) or sending text messages (Send SMS) via open interfaces (Open APIs). You can access the Developer Garden services directly via SOAP or REST.

The family of Zend_Service_DeveloperGarden components provides a clean and simple interface to the Developer Garden APIs and additionally offers functionality to improve handling and performance.

  • BaseUserService: Class to manage API quota and user accounting details.

  • IPLocation: Locale the given IP and returns geo coordinates. Works only with IPs allocated in the network of the Deutsche Telekom.

  • LocalSearch: Allows you to search with options nearby or around a given geo coordinate or city.

  • SendSMS: Send a SMS or Flash SMS to a given number.

  • SMSValidation: You can validate a number to use it with SendSMS for also supply a back channel.

  • VoiceCall: Initiates a call between two participants.

  • ConferenceCall: You can configure a whole conference room with participants for an adhoc conference or you can also schedule your conference.

The backend SOAP API is documented here.

Sign Up for an Account

Before you can start using the DeveloperGarden API, you first have to sign up for an account.

The Environment

With the DeveloperGarden API you have the possibility to choose between 3 different development environments.

  • production: In Production environment there are no usage limitations. You have to pay for calls, sms and other services with costs.

  • sandbox: In the Sandbox mode you can use the same features (with limitations) as in the production without to paying for them. This environment is suitable for testing your prototype.

  • mock: The Mock environment allows you to build your application and have results but you do not initiate any action on the API side. This environment is intended for testing during development.

For every environment and service, there are some special features (options) available for testing. Please look here for details.

Your configuration

You can pass to all classes an array of configuration values. Possible values are:

  • username: Your DeveloperGarden API username.

  • password: Your DeveloperGarden API password.

  • environment: The environment that you selected.

Example 799. Configuration Example

require_once 'Zend/Service/DeveloperGarden/SendSms.php';
$config = array(
'username'    => 'yourUsername',
'password'    => 'yourPassword',
'environment' => Zend_Service_DeveloperGarden_SendSms::ENV_PRODUCTION,
$service = new Zend_Service_DeveloperGarden_SendSms($config);

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