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Send SMS

The Send SMS service is used to send normal and Flash SMS to any number.

The following restrictions apply to the use of the SMS service:

  • An SMS or Flash SMS in the production environment must not be longer than 765 characters and must not be sent to more than 10 recipients.

  • An SMS or Flash SMS in the sandbox environment is shortened and enhanced by a note from the DeveloperGarden. The maximum length of the message is 160 characters.

  • In the sandbox environment, a maximum of 10 SMS can be sent per day.

  • The following characters are counted twice: | ^ € { } [ ] ~ \ LF (line break)

  • If a SMS or Flash SMS is longer than 160 characters, one message is charged for each 153 characters (quota and credit).

  • Delivery cannot be guaranteed for SMS or Flash SMS to landline numbers.

  • The sender can be a maximum of 11 characters. Permitted characters are letters and numbers.

  • The specification of a phone number as the sender is only permitted if the phone number has been validated. (See: SMS Validation)

Example 805. Sending an SMS

= new Zend_Service_DeveloperGarden_SendSms($config);
$sms $service->createSms(
'+49-172-123456; +49-177-789012',
'your test message',

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