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URL shorteners have exploded in popularity in the last several years, in large part due to the social nature of the web and the desire to share links. Zend_Service_ShortUrl provides an API for accessing a number of different URL shortener services, with the ability to both create short URLs as well as retrieve the original URL.

Adapters provided include:

  • Zend_Service_ShortUrl_JdemCz, which accesses the service.

  • Zend_Service_ShortUrl_TinyUrlCom, which accesses the service.

  • Zend_Service_ShortUrl_MetamarkNet, which accesses the service.

  • Zend_Service_ShortUrl_IsGd, which accesses the service.

  • Zend_Service_ShortUrl_BitLy, which accesses the service.

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