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ZIP Code Information

Zend_Service_StrikeIron_ZipCodeInfo provides a client for StrikeIron's Zip Code Information Service. For more information on this service, visit these StrikeIron resources:

The service contains a getZipCode() method that will retrieve information about a United States ZIP code or Canadian postal code:

= new Zend_Service_StrikeIron(array('username' => 'your-username',
'password' => 'your-password'));

// Get a client for the Zip Code Information service
$zipInfo $strikeIron->getService(array('class' => 'ZipCodeInfo'));

// Get the Zip information for 95014
$response $zipInfo->getZipCode(array('ZipCode' => 95014));
$zips $response->serviceResult;

// Display the results
if ($zips->count == 0) {
'No results found';
} else {
// a result with one single zip code is returned as an object,
    // not an array with one element as one might expect.
if (! is_array($zips->zipCodes)) {
$zips->zipCodes = array($zips->zipCodes);

// print all of the possible results
foreach ($zips->zipCodes as $z) {
$info $z->zipCodeInfo;

// show all properties

// or just the city name
echo $info->preferredCityName;

// Detailed status information
$status $response->serviceStatus;

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