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Checking Your Subscription

StrikeIron provides many different services. Some of these are free, some are available on a trial basis, and some are pay subscription only. When using StrikeIron, it's important to be aware of your subscription status for the services you are using and check it regularly.

Each StrikeIron client returned by the getService() method has the ability to check the subscription status for that service using the getSubscriptionInfo() method of the client:

// Get a client for the Sales & Use Tax Basic service
$strikeIron = new Zend_Service_StrikeIron(array('username' => 'your-username',
'password' => 'your-password'));

$taxBasic $strikeIron->getService(array('class => 'SalesUseTaxBasic'));

// Check remaining hits for the Sales & Use Tax Basic service
$subscription = $taxBasic->getSubscriptionInfo();
echo $subscription->remainingHits;

The getSubscriptionInfo() method will return an object that typically has a remainingHits property. It's important to check the status on each service that you are using. If a method call is made to StrikeIron after the remaining hits have been used up, an exception will occur.

Checking your subscription to a service does not use any remaining hits to the service. Each time any method call to the service is made, the number of hits remaining will be cached and this cached value will be returned by getSubscriptionInfo() without connecting to the service again. To force getSubscriptionInfo() to override its cache and query the subscription information again, use getSubscriptionInfo(true).

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