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Zend_Service_Twitter provides a client for the Twitter API. Zend_Service_Twitter allows you to query the public timeline. If you provide a username and OAuth details for Twitter, it will allow you to get and update your status, reply to friends, direct message friends, mark tweets as favorite, and much more.

Zend_Service_Twitter wraps all web service operations, including OAuth, and all methods return an instance of Zend_Service_Twitter_Response.

Zend_Service_Twitter is broken up into subsections so you can easily identify which type of call is being requested.

  • account allows you to check that your account credentials are valid.

  • application allows you to check your API rate limit.

  • blocks blocks and unblocks users from following you.

  • directMessages retrieves the authenticated user's received direct messages, deletes direct messages, and sends new direct messages.

  • favorites lists, creates, and removes favorite tweets.

  • friendships creates and removes friendships for the authenticated user.

  • search allows you to search statuses for specific criteria.

  • statuses retrieves the public and user timelines and shows, updates, destroys, and retrieves replies for the authenticated user.

  • users retrieves friends and followers for the authenticated user and returns extended information about a passed user.

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