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Blob Storage stores sets of binary data. Blob storage offers the following three Windows Azure Diagnostics enables you to collect diagnostic data from a service running in Windows Azure. It can be used for tasks like debugging and troubleshooting, measuring performance, monitoring resource usage, traffic analysis, capacity planning, and auditing. Once collected, diagnostic data can be transferred to a Windows Azure storage account for persistence. Transfers can either be scheduled or on-demand.

You can configure Windows Azure Diagnostics from code running within a role. You can also configure it remotely from an application running outside of the Windows Azure; for example, you can manage Windows Azure Diagnostics from a custom dashboard application running locally. By managing Windows Azure Diagnostics remotely, you can start your service with an initial diagnostic configuration, and then tweak that configuration from code running outside of your service, without having to upgrade your service.

More information on which logs, performance counters, crash dumps, ... can be monitored can be found on the corresponding MSDN web page.

Note: Diagnostics are configured on a per-role basis. This means that each role should be configured separately. Specifying diagnostics instructions for one role instance does not imply this configuration is loaded on other role instances.

Note: Diagnostics are configured on a per-role basis. This means that each The Diagnostics API in the Windows Azure SDK for PHP can only be used when the DiagnosticsMonitor has been started during role startup. Currently, this is only supported when an application is packaged with the Windows Azure Command-line Tools for PHP Developers.

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