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Blob storage stream wrapper

The Windows Azure SDK for PHP provides support for registering a blob storage client as a PHP file stream wrapper. The blob storage stream wrapper provides support for using regular file operations on Windows Azure Blob Storage. For example, one can open a file from Windows Azure Blob Storage with the fopen() function:

Example 894. Example usage of blob storage stream wrapper


// ...


In order to do this, the Windows Azure SDK for PHP blob storage client must be registered as a stream wrapper. This can be done by calling the registerStreamWrapper() method:

Example 895. Registering the blob storage stream wrapper

= new Zend_Service_WindowsAzure_Storage_Blob();

// registers azure:// on this storage client

// or:

// regiters blob:// on this storage client

To unregister the stream wrapper, the unregisterStreamWrapper() method can be used.

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