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addMessage() method

addMessage($name, $parts) method adds new message description to the WSDL document (/definitions/message element).

Each message correspond to methods in terms of Zend_Soap_Server and Zend_Soap_Client functionality.

$name parameter represents message name.

$parts parameter is an array of message parts which describe SOAP call parameters. It's an associative array: 'part name' (SOAP call parameter name) => 'part type'.

Type mapping management is performed using addTypes(), addTypes() and addComplexType() methods (see below).


Messages parts can use either 'element' or 'type' attribute for typing (see

'element' attribute must refer to a corresponding element of data type definition. 'type' attribute refers to a corresponding complexType entry.

All standard XSD types have both 'element' and 'complexType' definitions (see

All non-standard types, which may be added using Zend_Soap_Wsdl::addComplexType() method, are described using 'complexType' node of '/definitions/types/schema/' section of WSDL document.

So addMessage() method always uses 'type' attribute to describe types.

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