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General Purpose Commands


This will show the current version number of the copy of Zend Framework the zf.php tool is using.

zf show version

Built-in Help

The built-in help system is the primary place where you can get up-to-date information on what your system is capable of doing. The help system is dynamic in that as providers are added to your system, they are automatically dispatchable, and as such, the parameters required to run them will be in the help screen. The easiest way to retrieve the help screen is the following:

zf --help

This will give you an overview of the various capabilities of the system. Sometimes, there are more finite commands than can be run, and to gain more information about these, you might have to run a more specialized help command. For specialized help, simply replace any of the elements of the command with a "?". This will tell the help system that you want more information about what commands can go in place of the question mark. For example:

zf ? controller

The above means "show me all 'actions' for the provider 'controller'"; while the following:

zf show ?

means "show me all providers that support the 'show' action". This works for drilling down into options as well as you can see in the following examples:

zf show version.? (show any specialties)
zf show version ? (show any options)


This will show what information is in the tooling systems manifest. This is more important for provider developers than casual users of the tooling system.

zf show manifest

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