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Integrate self written Adapters

Zend_Translate allows you to integrate and use self written Adapter classes. They can be used like the standard Adapter classes which are already included within Zend_Translate.

Any adapter class you want to use with Zend_Translate must be a subclass of Zend_Translate_Adapter. Zend_Translate_Adapter is an abstract class which already defines all what is needed for translation. What has to be done by you, is the definition of the reader for translation datas.

The usage of the prefix "Zend" should be limited to Zend Framework. If you extend Zend_Translate with your own adapter, you should name it like "Company_Translate_Adapter_MyFormat". The following code shows an example of how a self written adapter class could be implemented:

try {
$translate = new Zend_Translate(
'adapter' => 'Company_Translate_Adapter_MyFormat',
'content' => '/path/to/translate.xx',
'locale'  => 'en',
'myoption' => 'myvalue'
} catch (
Exception $e) {
// File not found, no adapter class...
    // General failure

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