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Utility Accessors

Typically, you'll only ever need to call on assign(), render(), or one of the methods for setting/adding filter, helper, and script paths. However, if you wish to extend Zend_View yourself, or need access to some of its internals, a number of accessors exist:

  • getVars() will return all assigned variables.

  • clearVars() will clear all assigned variables; useful when you wish to re-use a view object, but want to control what variables are available.

  • getScriptPath($script) will retrieve the resolved path to a given view script.

  • getScriptPaths() will retrieve all registered script paths.

  • getHelperPath($helper) will retrieve the resolved path to the named helper class.

  • getHelperPaths() will retrieve all registered helper paths.

  • getFilterPath($filter) will retrieve the resolved path to the named filter class.

  • getFilterPaths() will retrieve all registered filter paths.

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