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Zend_View has several options that may be set to configure the behaviour of your view scripts.

  • basePath: indicate a base path from which to set the script, helper, and filter path. It assumes a directory structure of:


    This may be set via setBasePath(), addBasePath(), or the basePath option to the constructor.

  • encoding: indicate the character encoding to use with htmlentities(), htmlspecialchars(), and other operations. Defaults to UTF-8. May be set via setEncoding() or the encoding option to the constructor.

  • escape: indicate a callback to be used by escape(). May be set via setEscape() or the escape option to the constructor.

  • filter: indicate a filter to use after rendering a view script. May be set via setFilter(), addFilter(), or the filter option to the constructor.

  • strictVars: force Zend_View to emit notices and warnings when uninitialized view variables are accessed. This may be set by calling strictVars(true) or passing the strictVars option to the constructor.

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