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Utilizing Namespaces

XML-RPC has a concept of namespacing; basically, it allows grouping XML-RPC methods by dot-delimited namespaces. This helps prevent naming collisions between methods served by different classes. As an example, the XML-RPC server is expected to server several methods in the 'system' namespace:

  • system.listMethods

  • system.methodHelp

  • system.methodSignature

Internally, these map to the methods of the same name in Zend_XmlRpc_Server.

If you want to add namespaces to the methods you serve, simply provide a namespace to the appropriate method when attaching a function or class:

// All public methods in My_Service_Class will be accessible as
// myservice.METHODNAME

// Function 'somefunc' will be accessible as funcs.somefunc

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