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A new Openstreetmap API framework for PHP.

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 22 October 2011.
Planet PHP

So over the last while, I've been working on a PHP package imaginatively named Services_Openstreetmap, for interacting with the openstreetmap API. I initially needed it so I could search for certain POIs and tabulate the results; it's now also capable of adding data to the openstreetmap database - nodes and other elements can be created, updated and so on. It will even access the details of the user that is being used to modify that data, which is one difference between it and the other single purpose OSM frameworks.

So why the big fanfare now? Well I'm happy enough with it now to let other people look at and use it and also I've submitted it to the PEAR Pepr process, and the grilling that entails, so it can be included in the PEAR repository.

And if this pushes more people to using Openstreetmap (or PEAR for that matter) all the better!